The early access to the “Destiny 2” open beta for PlayStation 4 users went live on July 18 while Xbox One started on July 19. Through early access, players who were able to pre-order the game and those who were able to get the codes were given the chance to play the game earlier than the rest before the game officially releases. The opportunity allowed fans to enjoy the game’s content, while others started exploring the map, and have actually discovered an Easter egg.

Hidden location

In the video shown below, the hidden location seems to be one of the Lost Sector missions.

Players, through a Glitch, were able to reach the area upon jumping onto a ledge and passing through the cracks in the game’s level design. The players reach the ground and found a massive pothole where a giant mount of dirt can be seen in the center along with textures lighting in and out of existence.

As the players continue to explore, they discovered a spherical cavern and a door. The door resembles that of Vault of Glass raid from the game’s previous installment. As of now, it is still vague if the two discoveries are somehow related. But with the latest findings, surely, many fan theories being formed right now.

Previously, Bungie described the Lost Sector missions in “Destiny 2” as a one-time endgame experience.

Even though the recently discovered glitch has given the players a hint of what to expect from said missions, the game developer was still able to preserve the excitement that the players would feel on the actual mission. Interestingly, players have not found any clue or marks about the kind of enemy that they will be facing in the stage.

Most likely, there are plenty of Easter eggs that were intentionally scattered by the game developer to add more fun in the game. Earlier there were reports of players discovering a reference to a song by Paul McCartney. It is only a matter of time that these Easter eggs will be discovered.

Infinite super glitch

There are also numerous reports about the infinite super glitch that beta players have discovered in the game.

The glitch has provided enjoyment among players despite being a bug. Bungie will definitely roll out fixes to this glitch when the game officially releases.

Destiny 2” is set to release on September 6 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available on PC platform on October 24. The beta for PC is slated to begin in August, although Bungie has not yet revealed the precise date.