Destiny 2” is scheduled to be released on September 6, 2017. While the launch is just a few months away, many revelations about several game details surface online. Aside from Bungie sharing some of the game’s key features, several keen and smart gamers are reporting interesting details based on their observations from gameplay or video trailers released by the game developer.

Latest details

On Reddit, a user under the name HypedUpNinja shared interesting information about the upcoming second game installment from Bungie. According to the Redditor, he discovered that players who are using Roaming Supers in the game’s PvP mode are leaving Glowing footprints.

The said footprints are seen in one PvP clip released through IGN. Interestingly, checking on the video in reference, the glowing blue footprints left behind by the Arcstrider Hunter as well as the purple footprints by the Sentinel Titan are very visible.

The distinct glowing footprints that are left in the scene can be a useful tool in hunting down and even escaping opponents who are in their super state. This is despite how powerful and crafty they are playing the game. This, along with the previous revelations, indicates how the game developer would like to maintain and promote a more improved team communication. With the tracks easily seen, a teammate can give you a heads up is an opposing player in its roaming super is heading in your direction.


In “Destiny 2,” the term supers refer to the ultimate abilities in the game. These abilities are unique to every subclass in the game and can be used by the player or turned off on a timer. This, however, becomes shorter if the player is receiving damage as well as other effects. If the player is in a roaming super, they, most often, are equipped with a speed buff and a melee weapon.

In other words, these players can appear out of nowhere and only destroy you and your game. Like in any other game, supers are fun to use but very tough to counter.

Open Beta

On July 18, the console beta will commence. Most of the questions that are still left unanswered will be hopefully given light during the beta. Meanwhile, you can check out the video below.

This is the video where the Redditor spotted the glowing footprints that the roaming supers left behind.

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