There is more interesting information that is starting to surface as the release of the multiplayer first-person shooter game, 'Destiny 2' approaches. While the upcoming title is the second installment, it is in a way unique of its own. There are noticeable changes that depart the game from its predecessor.

Locked loadouts

One of the most prominent changes is the latest report that several in-game activities will not allow players to alter their loadout mid-mission. In the previous game installment, players can change between any weapons or gears that are in its inventory using a quick menu dive.

In an IGN interview with Game Director Luke Smith, he explained that players would like to spend less time in the game's menus and more time on weighing what to equip themselves in the game. He added that they have made the most difficult level of the game even tougher. The game director further said that in several activities players will be loadout locked once it started. In other words, players cannot anymore change. Let us just hope that there are abundant weapons and items that will make the loadouts fun and exciting all throughout the game.

Event timers

Another significant change coming in 'Destiny 2' is in the form of User Interface that can be observed in the map. In the previous game installment, the events on every planet took place on an invisible timer.

The player sat in the same area waiting for a tank appears or any third party timer fixes.

In the second installment, players can see the Event timers and locations right into the map UI. This is a significant change for players who have spent too much time waiting on public spaces just to complete some of the toughest bounties in the game.

Open Beta

Meanwhile, the game's Open Beta will start at 1 p.m. (Eastern Time) on July 21. Early access on July 18 will be given to PlayStation 4 users who pre-order the game. On the other hand, Xbox One Early Access will start on July 19. The open Beta will end at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on July 22.

The beta will include the opening story mission of the game, titled 'Homecoming'.

It will also contain one Strike, dubbed as 'The Inverted Spire'. Moreover, two PvP Missions will be available to players in the beta, which includes Control and Countdown. Control is featured in the first game installment while Countdown is a brand new mode for the second game installment.

We will give you more updates about 'Destiny 2' as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the video below courtesy of IGN and see for yourself the notable changes of the upcoming game.