The "Dead Island" franchise had a very successful start. It started the trend for zombie games. However, things are now slowing down for the game, especially for the production of the sequel. After Sumo Digital announced that they would take over the production of the game, not much else has been revealed.

The latest rumor suggests that it might possibly take a few more years before "Dead Island 2" will be finished since the developers are working from scratch. Sumo Digital decided to work from the ground up when they announced that they would take over the game.

That means that there will be a new story -- not to mention new game mechanics -- for the "Dead Island" sequel.

Is the game still in development?

Although fans already speculated that there would be no more "Dead Island 2" after the company Deep Silver decided to split with Yager, Sumo Digital assured fans that there would be a second installment. Even if there were a lot of development issues, the developers assured everyone that the sequel would be released on the market.

Teaming up with one of the best

Based on Game Industry's report, Sumo Digital bought the digital arts and design studio Atomhawk. The studio is known for their work on films like "Guardian of the Galaxy," "Avengers: Age of Ultron," and "Thor: The Dark World." They also work with the team behind the record-breaking game "Injustice 2." Since Atomhawk will be working on the graphics of "Dead Island 2," fans should expect bigger and better graphics for the game.

Even if Deep Silver decided to delay the release of the game from the initial plan of 2016, there are still high hopes for the zombie game. As per Polygon, there are already three titles planned for the next games. These titles would be "DI: Escape Dead Island," "DI: Riptide," and "DI: Epidemic." Since there are already future game titles in place, fans are assured that the second installment is already in the works.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the release of "Dead Island 2," the original game is still being distributed for Xbox. According to Xbox's most recent update, Xbox users could start downloading "Dead Island: Definitive Edition" from the beginning of this month. Other titles include "Bard's Gold," "Resident Evil 6," and "The Flame in the Flood."

Since Deep Silver is confident that the game will still happen, if it turns out great, fans of the game will surely not mind the long wait.