Dead by Daylight” is bringing Halloween early to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as it will soon introduce Michael Myers to the game. The thrilling chapter that is only available on PC as the downloadable content based on the horror movies will soon be available on the console version of the horror-survival game.

Upcoming DLC

The next expansion is somehow similar to “Friday the 13th: The Game” in giving the players the control of the legendary character Jason Voorhees. The Halloween expansion of “Dead by Deadlight” will allow the players to take control of Michael Myers as they track down four Survivors fighting for their lives to escape the killer.

In the game, the iconic movie character will be called Shape. This name is familiar to horror movie fanatics. This is the same name given to the Killer to characterize the mask he is wearing in the movies.

Aside from Michael Myers, which will be called Shape in the game, the upcoming expansion will also introduce other things. Among them includes a new survivor, Laurie Strode the most popular Final Girl in the movie. Moreover, a new map called The Haddonfield will also be introduced in the game.


Shape, as a playable character, will have a unique set of perks including his ability to track his victims. He grows more powerful because of his Evil Within ability. He achieves perfection from survivors where he becomes fast and creates double damage to his prey.

Aside from those, Shape will become obsessed with a survivor as he acquires more power and kills his obsession.

The new survivor, Laurie Strode, is the protagonist of the horror flick. Laurie can instantly escape being clutched by Michael Myers if she comes close to the killer. This can be used only once in every match. Aside from that, she can see the Killer’s aura.

Behaviour Interactive recently announced the arrival of the Halloween DLC alongside the release of the preview trailer. The expansion that contains Michael Myers and will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be available to gamers in August. As of this time, no price was revealed for the said expansion. However, on Steam, it is currently available for $6.99.

Most likely, the price for the console version would be somewhat the same.

We will give you more updates about your favorite horror-survival game, “Dead by Daylight” as soon as information becomes available. Meanwhile, you can check out the preview trailer for the upcoming DLC below.