Last year, “Dead by Daylight” was released on PC and the title had sold over 1.8 million copies. Behaviour Interactive announced recently that the highly anticipated horror game will also be released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Here are the details about pre-order, price as well as the release date of the game.

Release details

The asymmetric survival horror game published by Starbreeze Studios and developed by Behavior Interactive will be available on consoles. The title will be released on June 20 in the United States and will be soon followed by Europe release on June 23.

Starting June 1, Xbox One users can pre-order the title, which is sold at $29.99. On the other hand, PlayStation 4 users can start the pre-order on June 6 in the UK.

Among the contents included in the “Dead by Daylight: Special Edition” intended for consoles include all main killer and survivors alongside the game’s main maps. Aside from that, it also includes killer outfits and survivor outfits. There are also a couple of maps included such as that of Léry’s Memorial Institute, and Backwater Swamp. There are also killer variants namely The Hag and The Doctor. Aside from the killers, the survivors have variants too including Feng Min and Ace Visconti.

Game preview

Dead by Daylight” is a thrilling asymmetrical multiplayer game that involves a ferocious killer and four survivors dreadfully attempting to survive a petrifying nightmare.

It’s a hide-and-seek game where the killer plays in first-person engrossed on tracking and killing the victims. The Survivors, on the other hand, play in the third person with a task to evade getting caught and tortured to death.

In the game, every character possesses its own distinct abilities, skills, and even perks. For instance, The Wraith has the ability to be invisible, however, it will cost the player it's cooldown time before the character is allowed to attack.

In a recent interview with Mathieu Cote, the game director, he was quoted saying that their most recent project of creating the game on consoles gave them the chance to make enhancements and improvements in the game as well as its core systems. This includes matchmaking and user interface. Cote added that the experience gave them a deeper understanding of the way gamers play.

Dead by Daylight” is a major threat to the recently released horror survival game, “Friday the 13th the Game.” During the Xbox release, the latest game from Gun Media encountered several issues due to lack of day one patch.