Doomfist is being teased again in the most recent “Overwatch” lore update. While several fans are optimistic that the hero would finally arrive this time, there are still those who are raising their eyebrows to the possibility. The biggest question right now is, could Doomfist be really the new hero or is he being used an accessory to hype up the arrival of a different one?


The Doomfist Gauntlet is transferable or can be inherited. It has three mantles namely The Savior, Adhabu Ngumu, The Scourge Akinjide Adeyemi, and The Successor which is still cloaked in darkness as it remains unknown up to this point.

Across Numbani, posters, banners, and even history of the hero can be seen as a manifest of the locale’s fondness. In the teaser released by the Times of Numbani, Blizzard gave out the name Akande Ogundimu. Although the game developer did not reveal to whom it really belongs, the general assumption is that it refers to The Successor.

Doomfist’s gauntlet was kept in Numbani payload. After the attack at the Numbani airport, it was reported that the gauntlet went missing. The missing gauntlet also sent out a message of fear as well as a threat. This prompted the 11-year-old genius Efi Oladele to build a guardian robot she calls Orisa to protect the place. The hero was introduced in the game in March 2017.

Latest lore

During the previous lore, it is presumed that Doomfist stole the gauntlet and attacked Numbani Airport. The teaser released just recently revealed several missing pieces fans learned from the previous lore during Orisa’s release. It appears that the highly anticipated character in “Overwatch” did not escape from the maximum security facility but was aided by the bad guys, the Talon Organization.

It appears that Sombra and Reaper were behind the casualties and breach at the Helix secured facility.

Latest speculations

As reported by Blasting News, there is a wild speculation that the next teaser would be released on July 7 following Blizzard’s pattern. While this is unverified yet, it is already expected that the most recent in-game lore would have additional teasers in the coming days.

This is how the game developer introduces its upcoming hero.

While fans are being teased of a potential Doomfist release, at this point, it is not confirmed yet. There are other speculations that Blizzard might be doing something similar to Orisa’s release. The gauntlet-armed-hero might just be an accessory to the real hero’s arrival to the game. The latest teaser stated that there are several security breaches that happened in the Helix secured facility. This leaves fans to wonder about the many possibilities of this statement.

We will keep you posted about your favorite first-person shooter game — “Overwatch” — as soon as information becomes available.