The Miner event in the widely played mobile game, “clash of clans” is now starting. The latest event offers a massive 90 percent discount on the cost of the elixir of this kind of troop. While everybody is gearing up for the event, here are the latest tips and tricks on how to effectively play the latest event.

The Miner

In the latest event of “Clash of Clans,” the miner gets the spotlight. This game character now costs around 420-600 elixir. Its price is dependent on its level. The start of the game’s latest event is an attacker with the ability to ignore walls just like the popular Hog Rider.

This type of troop needs a level 12 barracks, which means only players at Town Hall 10 can use them. The latest is also the ideal time for those who were able to unlock this type of troop but have not used them in the game. Mobile gamers can use different tactics to experiment with the miners given that they cost very little to coincide with the recent event.

Strategy players can use in the current event

Players can use the Golem-Wizard-Pekka-attack strategy. To strategically use it, additional units are needed to have back up and support. Using Golems could be a weakness since the Inferno Tower can just totally eradicate them. Using the miners can sidetrack these towers long enough to sustain the lives of the heavy-hitters, Golem.

Players can also mix Miners with the Rage spell to take down the tower instantly.

Moreover, these underground diggers can also be used as a defensive troop. They can fool the burst of troops from the Clan Castle to go after the more pricey Golems. The latest star in the game’s current event must be positioned in the barracks to be effective.

Their ability to dig allows them to suddenly appear before the opponent. When they are digging, these type of troops is invincible.

How to defend against Miners

While their ability to dig is very helpful when attacking, this could also be their Waterloo. When they are digging, this type of troop has no ability to activate traps.

When an opponent is using a mass miner strategy typically he is looking for a funnel point. As much as possible, try to avoid these points located in the base.

In the Inferno Tower, it is best to enclose it with buildings to keep the underground diggers from targeting them and instead destroy the less important buildings. It is important to note that the miners are not at all times a part of the player’s strategy. However, with the proper mix, these underground diggers have the ability to overthrow the bases at Town Hall 11. The ‘’Clash of Clans’’ Miner event will be available until July 17.