Rockstar Games’ upcoming “Grand Theft Auto 6” was spotted in a GTA forum. A stuntman has allegedly leaked some information hinting the sixth installment of the franchise is currently in the Motion Capture stage. Thanks to his posted resume!

GTA 6 update status has leaked?

Rockstar Games seems to be busy brewing the next installment of the highly popular GTA 5. The name of the game's successor was allegedly spotted in a GTA forum.

Apparently, the resume of a certain Tim Neff reflects the name of the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto 6.” According to his CV, Neff is a stunt actor and is also connected with Rockstar Games.

In his resume, the upcoming “GTA 5” successor was included under the “Motion Capture” engagements. Surprisingly, the list also included the “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

Is he really connected with Rockstar Games?

The spotted resume was not easily accepted. Others are doubting the validity of the contents of the stuntman’s resume. However, his previous Instagram post seems to validate his connection with the GTA 6 developer.

Neff took to his official Instagram account a photo showing the name and logo of Rockstar. The picture was posted in February and was captioned with the actor’s excitement to be working with the company in the next days. It also included a hashtag specifying the term “mocap” along with words like video, game, work, stunt and video game.

This post seems to confirm he has been doing some work for Rockstar Games early this year. It could also justify his claim in his CV that he is employed by Rockstar Games. Since the GTA 6 is not yet launched, it could also mean that the actor is now doing the motion capture of the next installment of the franchise.

Theories on release date

The developer has not confirmed the status of the upcoming game. It has neither announced the release date of the upcoming sixth installment of the franchise.

Reports are now circulating that analysts believe that the launch could probably be set after this decade. Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, made a bold prediction that the next installment of the GTA franchise would most likely come out in 2024.

The analyst claims that the successor of GTA 5 is such a huge project that would require longer production time, The Blorge has noted.

However, other analysts think otherwise. They believe that the 2024 release date theory is not accurate. Speculations say the “Grand Theft Auto 6” could come out by 2020.