Rockstar Games is currently preparing to launch the upcoming western action-adventure game, “Red Dead Redemption 2.” However, that doesn’t mean that the video game company is not working on the new sequel of GTA as well. The resume for the actor and filmmaker, Tim Neff, includes two Rockstar games, the upcoming western action-adventure game and the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto 6” or “GTA 6.”

According to WCCF Tech, the online resume of the actor was found by fans on NeoGAF. The nature of Neff’s CV doesn’t provide any other details, such as the actor’s specific character in “GTA 6.” Nonetheless, the mere mention of the upcoming GTA sequel is a huge update for the game's fans.

This may indicate that the video game company is definitely working on “Grand Theft Auto 6.” As reported by VG 24/7, although the video game is probably far from its release date, a report last year suggested that Rockstar Games had started the preliminary work on the project.

Nonetheless, there’s an equally reasonable explanation that the actor may have been told by the studio that his work would be used in the GTA sequel, when it actually could be used for a different project. Several video game companies sometimes do this to blur the real nature of the project, to prevent leaks.

Game to arrive in 2024

The upcoming video game was initially speculated to launch in 2020, but new reports have revealed that Rockstar Games might roll out the game even later than that.

As reported by Blorge, the “GTA 6” video game may be available as late as 2024. Game experts anticipated that the reason for this is because the video game developer wants to wait for the next-gen gaming systems, so that the “Grand Theft Auto 6” can be streamlined to that release.

Meanwhile, Wedbush Security analyst, Michael Pachter, speculated that the next GTA sequel could arrive in 2024 for the reason of the amount of work the studio needed to make the video game.

However, according to Christian Post, the 2024 release date is unrealistic, as the date is certainly a long way away from now.

Fans’ wishlist for the upcoming game

Nevertheless, GTA enthusiasts are expecting the next sequel to have a huge location. Trusted Reviews reported that Rockstar Games could recreate the entire United States rather than just a single city. The “GTA 6” is also expected to come with a strong female protagonist and it will introduce better vehicle variants, such as rollerblades and skateboards.