Magnus Games carries their game "Re: Legend" to Kickstarter this July 26. Just like the famous simulation project entitled "Kynseed," this project gets the limelight. The project got 99 percent in-favor votes on its recent Square Enix Collective campaign, Gematsu reports. This co-op game will feature new things that are similar to the Rpg-simulation game entitled "Rune Factory 3" on the Nintendo DS and other preceding titles. Additionally, a multiplayer feature is the highlight among all because Players who have progressed far enough in the game can help other players to boost the start of their adventure, especially in boss fights.

The key element in Re: Legend is the monster-raising mechanic and RPG elements combined into one. Players will spend their days on an island called "Vokka." While spending their time on this island, they can farm and raise crops, fish, gather materials, gather wood, and gather ores in mine shafts and caves. These are the fundamentals in a simulation game, especially farming simulation, just like Natsume Company's "Harvest Moon."

Fishing, farming, and mining

Living life on the Island of Vokka is a memorable one because players can engage in relationships with the inhabitants. In addition, they can produce their own crops by planting seeds on the tilled ground. Much like farming, fishing is another field that players must engage in.

They can raise their own fish in a fish pond that naturally rests in the ocean. Other tasks are watering the fields, cutting wood, and mining. Mining is also important in Re: Legend because players need ore to forge new weapons or upgrade the town, house, or anything that can be upgraded using ore.

Taming a wild Magnus

Once players get the hang of everything, they can tame wild Magnus, monster-like creatures that inhabit the island along with Momochi and Draconewt.

After taming one Magnus, players can set off on a journey in the wild. That's when the RPG elements kick in. They will battle other monsters that are present on the outskirts of town. Furthermore, an RPG game is not complete without a boss fight.

Multiplayer or co-op feature

Mentioning boss fights - players can either battle it out by themselves or get help from other players.

The co-op feature is great. Players can help other players defeat a large monster to gain some materials or loot. Besides the co-op feature, players can also customize their own characters to their own liking.