Ever since the beta phase of “Destiny 2” arrived, fans have been looking for clues that will give them an idea about the full game version. While some are out there looking for clues, others are just simply enjoying the testing phase. Interestingly, players have discovered some compelling Easter eggs, most of which give hint to the exciting stuff the sequel will introduce.

According to GameRant, the Homecoming campaign in “Destiny 2” beta has given fans enough info to digest and ponder. It may be a short story mission – at least for the time being – but the hype it is building is growing.

This even goes without saying that the mission reveals a certain Easter egg that could be, in one way or another, upsetting to some players.

What the Easter egg could mean

To players who have yet to notice it, the attack Tower in the mission actually offers a lot of casualties. However, there is one that stood up from the rest – the purple ball. When the original game was released back in 2014, the purple ball was used by players to entertain themselves. It simply floated in-game, but the gimmick was enough to free players from boredom. This made the ball popular within the community. Players even shared their own experiences with it on various social media sites. Later on, Bungie was inspired to develop an entirely new soccer field in the sequel’s Earth social space called The Farm.

Way before “Destiny 2” was conceptualized, the purple ball was already a fixture within the fandom. Players found a lot of ways to interact with it, such as using it to access key areas in The Tower social space. Unfortunately, in the sequel The Tower no longer exists, so neither does the purple ball. But interestingly, Bungie offered a worthy replacement that promises an emotional journey, so to speak.

It is up to the players to explore it

As expected, the discovery does not really lead to a concrete idea about “Destiny 2.” This might be Bungie’s way of stirring the interest of players without giving away too much. After all, this is how sequels should be hyped. Rather than be a tell-all developer, the studio opted to give fans a window to fuel their imagination.

Well, everything will come full circle once the game hits the shelves on September 6 for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. PC players, on the other hand, will have to wait a little bit, as the release date is scheduled on October 24. Currently, it is best to explore the forthcoming game in its beta phase.