Looks like mobile gamers are in for a treat as Square Enix has launched a new spinoff of its hit open world action RPG (role-playing video) dubbed, 'Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire' for mobile devices.

New 'FFXV' spinoff

The free-to-download game is currently up for grabs on iOS from the iTunes and on Android devices from Google Play stores. The mobile spinoff of 'FFXV' has been developed in partnership with MZ (f.k.a. Machine Zone). For those unaware, MZ has developed a slew of extremely popular strategy games including 'Game of War: Fire Age' and 'Mobile Strike.'

It's worth noting that 'Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire' bears a striking resemblance to MZ's previous titles.

Those games revolve around players joining guilds, creating their own kingdom, training troops and then squaring off against other players in real-time battles.

What else to expect?

MZ general manager Tim Ernst said that since all players are going on a spree in the same virtual arena, what the company is currently working on will soon emerge as one of the most active game universes ever seen in the mobile gaming realm.

The game developer's previous two releases were able to sweep avid gamers off their feet, with 'Game of Wars' (2015) bringing home a whopping $1 million per day. Aside from garnering popularity for its games, the company has achieved considerable fame for its pervasive TV commercials as well.

These multimillion-dollar ad campaigns featured celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Kate Upton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger just to name a few. However, their games have been judged as bad in the past thanks to the knack of getting carried away with the use of microtransactions.

It's no secret that microtransactions more often than not compel players to shell out real money in order to progress through the game.

With the game's recent debut, players can finally get an idea about how the aforesaid style of game will merge with narrative-laden 'FFXV.'

Ernst revealed that MZ and Square Enix teamed up to work on 'A New Empire,' with them traveling all the way to Tokyo to further study the art of direction for 'FFXV.'

MZ and the development team behind 'Final Fantasy XV' have stayed in touch right from the beginning, according to Ernst.

They managed to impress Square Enix with their prowess in action, and they are quite excited as well as humbled to work along with the highly skilled art and design teams that made 'Final Fantasy XV.'

'Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire' is currently up for grabs on iOS and Android.