Video Games have a special way of evoking our emotions at random times. An action-adventure title could easily warm up our hearts while exploration games can send a chill down our spine. Similarly, a game doesn’t exactly have to be under the horror genre to scare us. There are several moments in games, horror or not, that have spooked us in different ways. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the scariest moments in video games.

Mannequin Room ‘Silent Hill 3’

Silent Hill 3” is one of the best horror games on the PS2 and is an iconic entry in the mainline franchise.

Here, you’ll take control of protagonist Heather Mason whose sinister past begins to haunt her. You’ll be exploring different areas in the game before you eventually arrive in Silent Hill. As you wander in the game, you’ll soon enter a room filled with harmless mannequins.

The atmosphere is extremely creepy as the room is dark with your flashlight acting as the only source of light. You can grab shotgun shells from the other side of the room and upon returning, you’ll see that one mannequin’s head has been dismembered. Moreover, there is also blood leaking from the stump of its neck. It’s never explained just what happened, but the mystery adds to the overall disturbing vibe of “Silent Hill 3.”

Shadow Temple ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’

The Zelda franchise has nothing to do with horror since it’s mainly a game about exploring the world as Link and trying to find a way to rescue Princess Zelda.

However, “Ocarina of time” has a creepy dungeon called the Shadow Temple where enemies called the ReDead lurk.

They might not look scary now but these monsters haunted players back in the day for their lifeless husk appearance. Moreover, these monsters could send out a blood-curdling scream that would freeze Link in place. Once they’ve immobilized you, these monsters would proceed to wrap their body around Link and drain his energy.

Morgue ‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’

“Amnesia” was a breakthrough in the horror gaming scene because of its first-person perspective and sanity system. The game was pretty challenging as you had no way to fight back and you’d also have to watch where you hid because it would affect the protagonist’s mental stability.

There’s one scene in the game where you have to head down to the morgue and drill a hole in a corpse’s head to harvest a vaccine. Shortly after you do this horrifying act, monsters will burst through the door and chase you.