Horizon Zero Dawn” has become one of the more popular open-world games since it released on the PS4. The PlayStation exclusive followed the adventure of Aloy as she explored her ravaged world filled with dangerous mechanical creatures. While the game might have been released a few months back, the developers, Guerrilla Games, have been solidly supporting the title with additional updates and content.

In line with this, they have released a new Patch for the game that adds another mode. Similarly, players can opt for a higher difficulty setting if they want a challenge.

Read on below to find out the new changes the game has.

New Game Plus

The New Game Plus has been a staple feature in video games as it allows you to replay a game, but with usually with the same arsenal and stats, you earned from the first playthrough. Similarly, “Horizon Zero Dawn” has just gotten the same treatment as players will still keep their items and level progression, according to Twinfinite. Similarly, there have also been extensive updates on existing outfits and weapons. However, keep in mind that the character level is still capped at 50.

Those who choose to restart their adventure will have the option to customize Aloy’s focus or put some face paint on her. Those who like collecting trophies will also be pleased to know that the game has added two more to the game.

This adds a whole new challenge to “Horizon Zero Dawn” and gives returning players a chance to experience the story in a new light.

Brand new difficulty mode

On the other hand, those who are seeking for a more challenging playthrough can try out the Ultra Hard difficulty. Needless to say, enemies will be much smarter and harder to take down while Aloy will have a slower health regen.

Keep in mind that if you start New Game Plus with this difficulty, you won’t be able to change it again mid-game. This new difficulty mode should add some much-needed challenge for video game thrill seekers.

Guerilla Games released this update without any warning, but they are still a welcome addition to the game. Aside from this free update, the adventure game will also be getting its first expansion pack later this year.

Titled “The Frozen Wilds,” the story will still focus on Aloy and she takes on another grand adventure within her world. Fans will have to wait for more information regarding the DLC, but they can download the free “Horizon Zero Dawn” patch now.