The "Overwatch" Lore is still pretty unclear despite all of the cinematics, comics, and teases Blizzard usually delivers. So far, selected Characters have gotten some time in the spotlight, but there are still plenty of heroes who deserve more attention. These characters haven't really gotten much love and not much else is known about their personal lore aside from the initial details Blizzard has shared. With that being said, here are some "Overwatch" characters that could use more attention in the lore.


From what we know, D.Va aka Hana Song was once a pro gamer who became something of a military agent during the Omnic Crisis.

She operates her personal MEKA (Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army) in combat and even streams some of her battles. Despite her situation, D.Va still keeps her celebrity status and has received plenty of sponsorships and donations from fans to customize her mech. There isn't much else to this MEKA piloting hero aside from her bubbly personality and aggressive gamer side. She's yet to star in her own comic nor has gotten any cinematics which delves deeper into her past. One of her voice lines describe how her homeland was torn apart, but Blizzard has yet to actually delve into this certain part in her history.


Unlike D.Va, Mercy aka Angela Ziegler has made a few cameo appearances in several “Overwatch” comics.

This gifted woman once served as the head of medical research and aided the strike team’s efforts with her expertise in nanobiology. After the group disbanded, we found out that Mercy has been traveling around the world and helping people who were affected by the war. Supposedly, Angela’s parents were killed during the Omnic Crisis and that’s what spurred her to action by helping those in need.

Blizzard has yet to share the finer details of her current cause and more about Mercy’s past.


Not much is known about Roadhog aka Mako Rutledge as he hasn’t really gotten much spotlight in the “Overwatch” lore. During the omnic crisis, he and the other citizens of Australia formed the Australian Liberation Front to strike against the omnium and take back their country.

Their struggle eventually led to the destruction of a fusion core that not only destroyed the facility but also irradiated the entire region. Mako had not choice but to adapt to these changes as his home became an apocalyptic wasteland. Since then, Mako began slowly losing his humanity and turned into a ruthless killer known as Roadhog. It’s unclear what he or his partner, Junkrat, are up to as Blizzard has yet to delve into their current affairs.