Since launch, Pokemon Go, the overtly popular mobile app based on Nintendo's popular Pokemon franchise had the entire world under a spell. Millions upon millions of mobile tech consumers became zombies overnight; seeking out "Pocket Monsters" in droves; some up all night trying to find these elusive creatures in their neighborhoods and cities while others ventured across oceans for their prey.

Thanks to this ongoing zombocalypse, Pokemon Go has earned $1.2 billion globally in a year, according to the mobile app analytics company Apptopia.

There's more to this success story

Apptopia also estimated that Pokemon Go has been downloaded 752 million times globally since it's launch back in June 2016. SuperData, an analytics group, claimed that the mobile app company had earned $206 million in the first month of sales. Also, AppAnnie, another group estimated that the company received a whopping $950 million in revenue by the end of 2016.

A quick recap

Developed for smartphones by Niantic, Pokemon Go took the world by storm almost immediately after it was released. The app utilizes augmented reality technology to project random Pokemon (super powered creatures) in the background of live action footage of real locations taken by the camera built into to a person's smartphone.

Players can use virtual 'Pokeballs' to catch their favorite Pokemon on sight. The could also feed their Pokemon with special items and train them at virtual gyms spread across the globe to level them up to level them up similar to the popular video games.

Pokemon Go has sparked a worldwide phenomenon since its launch; causing millions of users to show up in droves to seek out virtual Pokemon in several locations which were captured and shared as videos on the popular social media site, YouTube.

However, it has also become a source of controversy as many users have inadvertently placed themselves in dangerous -- and even fatal--situations. These range from walking onto grim discoveries like crime scenes to becoming victims themselves to accidents, armed robbery, and murder.

How things look now

Currently, Pokemon Go's user base sits roughly at 60 million users worldwide, though it was much larger back in 2016 (roughly 65 million). Niantic however, is committed to maintaining a large user base by constantly updating the game with additional content which includes, new Pokemon, gyms, special events and more.