Sony Santa Monica shocked the entire video game industry when the highly anticipated “God of War 4” was unveiled at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). There was a mix of emotions, though players mostly felt happy seeing the legendary Kratos. This time around, though, he seeks redemption.

With the impending release of “God of War 4” on PlayStation 4, it might be interesting to look back at Kratos’ life in the previous three titles. After all, this will help players get a better grasp of the character’s suffering and how he came to be who he is now.

Here are some interesting things about the Spartan warrior.

He killed a defenseless titan

No enemy is too big or too powerful for Kratos. He just seems to have the skill and ferocity to kill even the toughest opponent. However, there was a time in the series that he met the titan named Gaia. The titan, though, had her own agenda of seeking revenge against the Gods led by Zeus. Perhaps driven by emotion, she left the protagonist for dead near Mount Olympus.

Unfortunately for Gaia, she should have killed Kratos when she had the chance. Basically, after fighting the Gods, the titan was severely injured. She tried to block the God of War’s path, but to her surprise, he cut her arm. It is worth noting that in the game’s mythology, she is responsible for all life on Earth.

So whatever happens to her will reflect on the planet.

He ripped Helios’ head off

Sony Santa Monica designed the entire “God of War” series to depict Kratos as extremely violent. Perhaps the most interesting title of all is “God of War 3” where he literally shredded every god to pieces. Helios was one of them. Helios’ death is considered one of the most graphic deaths in the history of the series.

With the press of a button, Kratos rips Helios’ head apart, lifting it like a trophy. The sun disappears soon after Helios’ head is separated from his body.

He killed Athena accidentally

Kratos is also known for his temper in the series, a character flaw that is perfectly conveyed. He forgets everything around him once he is consumed by it.

Interestingly, it helped him defeat the gods, however, there was one he should have left alive: Athena. After he got the Blade of Chaos (his titular weapon) back, he tried to stab Zeus, but Athena quickly jumped in and got killed in the process. Although she tried to stop him from killing Zeus, Kratos did not listen and went to kill the God of thunder with said blade anyway.