Bethesda has already confirmed in the past that the critically acclaimed “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim” would arrive for the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the studio did not provide a specific date for release. This led to the community relying on whatever speculations arise.

Interestingly, a leak from Amazon hinted the forthcoming release of the game for the Nintendo Switch, as reported by Bleeding Cool. Whether or not the company did it on purpose doesn't matter. The community now has a ballpark idea about the launch.

Amazon leaks release date

Reports went online right away, suggesting that Amazon listed the aforementioned game with a November 28 release date. For all the fans out there waiting, this is definitely great news. However, it should be noted that the game’s release timeline was officially announced as Holiday 2017, so the leaked date wasn't really surprising at all.

Apparently though, Amazon quickly updated the listing of “The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim” to December 29. Unfortunately for the company, the community did not buy it. They believe that Bethesda would not want a game as huge as this to be released four days after Christmas. The title is among the largest additions to the Nintendo Switch, and because of that, the studio would do anything to make the launch as triumphant as possible - which means releasing it in time for Christmas shopping.

A cover-up

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim” enthusiasts suggest that Amazon might have been contacted by Bethesda soon after the release date was leaked. This is why, in an attempt to cover-up the mess, a new date came. It would have been a success had the community believed. Nevertheless, a November 28 release is really perfect for the game.

It is just in time before the holidays hit up. This would be a perfect gift to gamers who have been dying to play the game on the Nintendo Switch.

As for Bethesda's title for the popular console, the company has remained quiet. Nothing concrete has really been unveiled. There are players, though, who speculate that the new videogame might be watered-down just to accommodate the hardware’s capability.

However, despite this huge change, its core gameplay should remain intact. Other speculations suggest that Bethesda might introduce a feature exclusively developed for Nintendo Switch. Without a doubt, all of these are interesting; however, players should take them with a grain of salt.