Although “Destiny 2” is shaping to be a great game, there are still players who doubt its ability to reach success. This is completely understandable, as these players have a lot of questions in mind. Despite Bungie unveiling a couple of details about the sequel, they did not really give away too much.

There is no reason to believe that the studio is not aware of these “Destiny 2” questions from the community. They are and they should be. After all, these give the follow-up game a momentum and reason to exist. Without further ado, here are some questions needed to be answered in the upcoming title.

Will the game suffer from content drought, too?

The content drought was perhaps the biggest issue the original game faced. Throughout the first title’s existence, things got a bit rough when it came to content releases. Remember “The Taken King” DLC? Sure, it worked wonders and fixed a handful of problems in-game, but it eventually plummeted. Players grew tired of playing the same raid for a year.

So what exactly does Bungie has in-stored for “Destiny 2?” Well, not really that interesting. According to PC Gamer, the DLC plans for the sequel look exactly the same with the original game. It will reportedly be themed around the last warlock Osiris and the war mind Rasputin. Regardless of how exciting they will be, there seems to be no content that can keep the player base seated.

What can Bungie do?

Going back to the DLC, Bungie’s very own PC lead named David Shaw admitted that their players consume contents at a rate that they cannot just keep up with. “As fast as we can possibly make it in the most optimal situation still wouldn’t be fast enough,” he said. Shaw further revealed that they want “Destiny 2” to have a more improved workflow and interesting contents, as these are basically the bread and butter of a title.

While it might be true that players love the idea of contents (because who on Earth does not?), perhaps the issue is not about the consuming rate. It maybe points to a much bigger issue in which that Bungie releases content not enough to satisfy the player base. They do not need to feed players' insatiable hunger for content.

What they need is to develop a DLC that can withstand this hunger. As for what exactly this should be, it is up to them to find the answer.

Will the absence of a ranked play affect the sequel entirely?

Bungie right now cannot confirm a definite ranked system coming to “Destiny 2,” though they mentioned about how exciting the idea is in the past. In the words of game director Luke Smith, “ranking systems are going to be very desired.” That was it. Nothing further from him.

The studio’s stance is somewhat similar to how Blizzard did it. “Overwatch” arrived with no ranked play at first but was later on added. The only problem with Bungie is that they had the first game to think about a ranked system. They even had so much time to make it better, if they indeed developed one. Now, with the impending release of “Destiny 2,” it is a bummer to see the game arrive with no ranked gaming.