The highly anticipated “Pokemon Stars” could be revealed anytime today through “Pokemon Direct." The game has been heavily speculated upon since 2016 and players have anticipated the game as it was reported in several gaming sites.

Sudden announcement

Nintendo of America, on their official Twitter account, posted an announcement that has surprised almost everybody in the gaming community. The announcement was not anticipated or even talked about by analysts and serial leakers in the previous days. According to the Japanese gaming giant, "Pokemon Direct’’ is scheduled for June 6, 2017, at 7.00 a.m (Pacific Time) or 10:00 a.m (Eastern Time).

It will all happen in a total of eight minutes. The announcement only triggered the rumor mill and fans and analysts alike have their own expectations about what could the event be about.

The brief 8-minute event could possibly be either of the two options. One is that we will hear about the Pokemon game that will launch on Nintendo Switch. Another is that Niantic Labs will finally announce the arrival of the Legendaries in the augmented reality game.

Are we finally going to see the Stars?

When the hybrid console was released a few months ago, there were also talks about the release of “Pokemon Stars” on it.

Pokemon Stars” is said to be the next installment and regularly referred to as the third game of this generation. We have discussed in our previous articles more details about the game. However, the company was cagey and would not give any information about it. Until now no official details about the game was released or confirmed.

However, there are potential indicators about the game that fans might have overlooked.

Earlier last month, another marketing campaign of the company sparked speculation about the game’s arrival. In May, the merchandising team released a merchandise line in Japan and called it, “Look upon the Stars.” If we base our speculations on the title, we can directly say Nintendo tacitly confirmed the much-awaited game.

But it could also be possible that they are just riding on the hype.

Legendaries are coming

If “Pokemon Stars” is not revealed in “Pokemon Direct” there is a big chance that the Legendaries of the augmented reality game might be announced. Niantic Labs has been teasing about its arrival since in the early part of this year. A recent hint was from a speech of Niantic Labs executive when he received the award for the Best Mobile Game. He was quoted as saying that this summer could be Legendary. His speech drew a flock of speculations about the potential of the long overdue coming of the Legendaries in “Pokemon Go.”

Whatever it is, we will all find out later when the announcement happens. For now, all we can do is speculate and hope that it will finally be “Pokemon Stars” that the company will announce.