A leaked image in May hinted at the possibility that Sony may release a gold-colored PlayStation 4 Slim console along with a gold DualShock controller very soon. The image popped up on Reddit and the leaker also revealed that this version of the popular gaming console would only be sold at Target.

However, at that point, it was impossible to verify the authenticity of the report and the image. Now, a leaked Target advertisement shows the purported golden hue of the Ps4 Slim along with the controller in the same shade.

PS4 Slim coming in gold

According to the accidentally leaked ad, Target has revealed that 1 TB Gold PS4 Slim is indeed in the cards and will release on June 11.

The earlier report with the image of the golden PS4 had predicted that the device would land in stores on June 9. However, the date seems to have changed slightly. The latest leaks are courtesy of Twitter user Wario64.

The ad describes the model as “Limited”, which may indicate that it is a promotional model and the color variant will not be rolled out worldwide. It also comes bundled with a golden DualShock controller and the whole package is priced at $250 according to the leaked advertisement. This means that the console will sell at a $50 discount from its original price of $299.99.

Aside from the previous Reddit leak, the user also managed to take a picture of the product which the Target shop at his location mistakenly stocked on the shelf before its tentative release date of June 11.

As the customer tried to buy the console, the store’s registry locked up after which the staff learned of their folly and quickly placed the gold console in the back.

Further proof of the eventual release of the golden-shaded PS4 console is that listing for wireless golden DualShock controllers have already popped up on Best Buy.

These controllers are priced $64.99. All other specifications and features remain the same and the only thing which seems to have changed is the color.

What Sony had to say

Although the rumors of the limited edition gold PS4 Slim have been doing the rounds for about a week, Sony has yet to comment on the leaks. The leaked retailer ad could be taken as a confirmation that Sony would launch the Gold PS4 Slim sooner than later.

The launch of the purported console also seems to have been tactfully planned as it coincides with the E3 week, when the sale of gaming consoles experience a surge due to the new content announced at the event.