The previous news talked about the in-game songs and features of Bandai Namco's "Taiko Drum Master: Session de Dodon ga Don!" The features include the following: a new and improved "taiko drum" controller, a two player mode, list of songs, and uniqueness of design in each song. In addition, the game contains over 70 songs in different genres. These include popular songs such as "Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen" by Piko Taro, "Ninjari Ban Ban" by Harujuku icon and idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and more. Players might be familiar with one or a couple of songs from their favorite anime or movies.

The taiko drum peripheral isn't the only exciting thing---but the whole game system and how the songs are incorporated are two features players should know. Now, Bandai Namco released another teaser trailer that presents the overall game system and the colorful world of this Rhythm Game. Here it is below via YouTube:

Two player challenge

With the challenge feature in "Taiko Drum Master: Session de Dodon ga Don!", the games caters to two players while the song plays at the same time. This feature provides a fun way for friends and family members to play and experience the rhythm game. If not, their performance data is recorded and played instead. As mentioned above, the songs in the game presents a unique display.

One example would be the soundtrack from the famous kids' anime "Doraemon," where Doraemon dances and plays the music while the player jives to the beat of the song.

Difficulties and "BINGO" style missions

Beginners and experts can both enjoy the game because there are four difficulties in "Taiko Drum Master: Session de Dodon ga Don!

" Furthermore, these four difficulties can be the stepping-stones for beginners to reach the master-level in this game. The difficulties are Easy, Normal, Hard, and "Oni" (the ultimate level). Moreover, these difficulties incorporate certain symbols such as a flower symbol for Easy mode, a bamboo symbol for Normal mode, a tree symbol for Hard mode, and a demon symbol for "Oni" mode.

Players have the right to choose the difficulty. So, each player can play the same song but on a different beat map.

What's exciting is the drum peripheral that is new and improved. Twitter user Robert "DCD" Workman says, "Taiko Drum Master is coming to PS4 with its own drum peripheral. GIMME."

The "BINGO" style mission is another exciting feature because it allows players to gain accessories, costumes, and designs for their own "taiko" drum character in the game (located upper-left during gameplay), which can be used in the game's customization option. The said game has no specific release date yet but will be released sometime this year on PlayStation 4 in Japan. On the other hand, the Western release is yet to be announced.