Bandai Namco previously announced the release date of "Taiko Drum Master: Session de Dodon ga Don!" which will be this year. Now, they recently opened a teaser website for the said game that will be released on the PlayStation 4 console. However, the game will have a special controller that will be connected through a USB-cable. This special controller is in the shape of a taiko drum with two drumsticks. This will be a fun rhythm game when it will be released.

The mechanics will be the same as the previous versions of the game, but with an immersive feel this time.

Players hit the "taiko drum" (a traditional Japanese drum used in festivals) replica controller and it will correspond to the red or blue notes. Red notes are the "don" sound or the center of the drum while the blue note corresponds to the sides of the drum.

Famous Japanese songs

"Taiko Drum Master: Session de Dodon ga Don!" will contain numerous lineups of popular Japanese songs in different genres. Here are some of the examples of songs that are popular among Western fans:

  • "Ninjari Banban" by the famous Japanese Harujuku icon and idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.
  • "Zenzenzense" which is a soundtrack from the highest grossing anime by Makoto Shinkai entitled "Kimi no Na wa" (Your Name)
  • "RPG" by a band called Sekai no Owari (End of the World)
  • "Tonari no Totoro" from the famous Studio Ghibli movie
  • "Let It Go" from the famous Disney movie "Frozen"
  • "Ghost Rule" by Vocaloid composer and producer DECO*27
  • "Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen" by Piko Taro
  • "Tales of Berseria Medley" features soundtracks of the famous game
  • "Natsu Matsuri"
  • "Yume wo Kanaete Doraemon" features the famous Doraemon

These are only a number of songs from the 70 songs in the said game.

Furthermore, there will also be a standalone controller release of the said game for those who got used or who prefer the normal PlayStation 4 controller.

Play with family and friends

"Taiko Drum Master: Session de Dodon ga Don!" also records the gameplay the user. In turn, this data can be used as a record that other players should beat.

This performance data is a way to train competitive players on the game. Since the game will contain popular songs, characters corresponding to certain soundtracks will appear while players beat the drums with the song.

For those wondering what the controller looks like, one Twitter user named @PalmtreePanic posted an older version of the drum master controller:

Here is a video below that shows the drum master controller in action by YouTuber named Craker:

The new controller design can be viewed on the teased official website. Lastly, the said game does not have a specific release date for PlayStation 4 but will be released sometime this year in Japan.