Sony revealed on Tuesday, June 13 that the PlayStation 4 global sales crossed 60 million units. The console was released back in November 2013. The exact number of console units sold was close to 60.4 million units. The last time Sony reported its sales in January, the same figure was somewhere around 53.4 million. This means that within six months Sony has managed to sell 7 million units.

Sony gaming console's sales report

Aside from the console units sold, Sony also revealed the software copies sold. Software copies essentially refer to the PS4 version of games.

The Japanese company claimed that 487.8 million copies of its software were sold, led by games such as 'Horizon Zero Dawn,' which was widely appreciated by gamers.

The company also listed how large subscription it had garnered in its subscription-based service, PlayStation Plus. It had 70 million users by the end of March and the PS Plus had 26.4 million paid subscribers. PS Plus subscription costs $59.99 a year and allows subscribers the opportunity to play online with friends and also play a line-up of free games.

Sony has also jumped into the virtual reality market, with its VR capable headset. However, the device’s sales figures were not revealed perhaps because the figures were not as impressive as the company would have liked.

Unofficially, though Sony officials revealed that sales figure for the VR headset was also around 1 million units. The company said that it would remain committed to VR technology and find ways to increase the sales of the headset. Games specifically designed for the VR experience are also in development currently, which will further ensure that the VR unit sales go up.

PS4 Vs Xbox One sales

Although the sales data of Xbox consoles are not confirmed by Microsoft, SuperData has revealed that the console has sold around 33 million units. This is almost half that of PS4 sales in the same amount of time. The greater sale is credited to the better hardware specifications and to the greater number of PlayStation exclusive titles that launched for Sony’s console.

However, this year Microsoft has launched the Xbox One X, which comes with better hardware specification than the PS4 Pro console. The Xbox One X will be able to run all upcoming games at a native 4K resolution at 60 fps. Analysts have questioned whether Microsoft will really be able to score over Sony’s console with this move, since the new Xbox One X console is priced $499, which is $100 more than the PS4 Pro.