Psyonix has done it again! After two years, 30-something updates, and 3 competitive online-based seasons, Rocket League is giving more to its fan base. This update doesn't seem like much compared to past big updates, like the dropshot or rumble updates, but many fans are treating it as such. With a brand-new map to fly around in, more customization options for the rocket-powered cars, and even two brand-new import cars that can drop from in-game items called "crates". Psyonix is constantly out-doing itself, and this 2nd Anniversary Update is no exception.

We'll take a detailed walk through what will be coming out on July 5th - only a month from now!

New venue

First off, a new field will be added to the already lengthy list of playable (and free) maps. Champions Field, as it is called, will be totally free and shuffled into ranked, non-ranked, and private matches. And this will make fans happy: it's a standard map! The last map to be released was Starbase Arc. It was an octagon shape, instead of a standard rectangle, which is the norm for Rocket League maps. Champions Field has a cool brand-new statue of a rocket-powered car hitting a ball, and is sure to make fans of Psyonix's game very happy.

New customizations

At launch, there were a multitude of customization options for each individual battle-car.

The paint color, paint finish, wheels, decals, boost trails, toppers (which are essentially hats for the cars), and antennas were all individually customizable for every free battle-car (some DLC cars were not). Psyonix is taking a step forward on the variety of car combinations by allowing the engine sounds as well as the wheel trails to be customizable.

On top of that, goal explosions are now customizable as well! The variety to each person's experience with Rocket League has never been quite like this.

Any trailer for Rocket League is guaranteed to instill both hype in any that watch them.

Ending season and crates

With this new update, the online-based competitive season 4 will be ending to begin season 5.

This means that we all only have a month to get our rank up to where we want it. And with the end of season, means there are season-ending rewards. The 1st season had toppers, the 2nd had boost trails, the 3rd had wheels. The 4th will be giving out wheel trails and this will also be the first season to end with the new ranking system. On top of that, a new crate will be dropped at random after online matches. Crates can be opened with keys and drop a random item contained within them. What will really get players drooling over these crates are the two-new import battle-cars: Animus GP and Centio V17. So, be sure to look out for Rocket League's 2nd Anniversary update, going live in the later hours of July 5th.