Pokemon Sun and Moon” continues to make huge waves in the video game industry. What appears to be a rumor back in April is now an actual pocket monster slated to arrive to the games. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

This is none other than Marshadow, a brand new Legendary creature expected to be introduced in “Pokemon Sun and Moon” soon. Apparently though, a release date for the beast is yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, it is said to be unleashed in North America and Europe. Fortunately, its official moves and abilities have been unveiled on the games’ official site.

What Marshadow is all about

In its most organic form, this Pokemon is known as the Gloomdweller Pokemon. This means that it is able to conceal itself in, well, shadows. It is said that this creature barely reveals itself to any human being; hence could be the reason why it has yet to be seen in either of the games.

If Marshadow arrives to “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” which it will, it is deemed to be the first creature to be categorized as both ghost and fighting type. Pokemon under the latter are usually inefficient when they are up against Psychic creatures. However, with this brand new species, things will become a bit different. Since it is also considered as a ghost-type, it can be significantly effective on the battlefield.

The Pokemon’s confirmed moves and abilities

In “Pokemon Sun and Moon,” the aforementioned creature will have a height of 2’04” and a weight of 48.9 lbs. Its ability to hide itself in the shadows enables it to attack its opponent without getting noticed. It is also able to copy other Pokemon’s power and abilities, thus making it a lethal creature in fights.

Of all creatures, this one here is the most cautious, as it does not get itself into fighting right away. Why? That is because it would rather hide and observe from afar first. This strategy allows it to find an enemy’s weakness and use it to its advantage.

Marshadow is said to behave in several ways in “Pokemon Sun and Moon.” This is most evident when it uses its' different moves, particularly the signature ones.

The Spectral Thief, in particular, allows it to turn green and enables the creature to steal an opponent’s stat boosts. Once done, it can provide a very ferocious attack. Players may use the Marshadium Z Z-Crystal to turn the Spectral Thief move into the so-called Soul Stealing 7-Star Strike Z-Move. Using this new move, the Pokemon tends to hide in the player’s shadow and eventually leaps out to attack if it finds the right timing.