The Viera race, without a doubt, has its own fan boys and fan girls. Blame it on their bunny ears, their viciousness, or their thong-clad existence in general, but they are such a big deal and people have been clamoring for them to appear in “Final Fantasy XIV.”

The upcoming FFXIV expansion, “Stormblood,” won’t see the Viera either. However, hardcore fans of the bunny girls shouldn’t lose hope, is according to director and producer Naoki Yoshida himself. In the interview with Finder, Yoshida gave “Final Fantasy” enthusiasts something to look forward to.

Viera and their shoes

It seems Square Enix just doesn’t find it right for the Viera to appear without their signature stilettos on, or at the very least, that’s how would most fans think from a personal standpoint. From Yoshida’s horizon, however, it's something with the game engine's inability to depict high-heeled shoes. He didn't go into specifics, although there's a hint that the stiletto issue might be temporary.

“I don't think you should give up hope," said Yoshida. “Fran and the Viera race have a very high heel and trying to depict that in Final Fantasy XIV is challenging. They won't be able to wear any shoes that exist in Eorzea right now.”

The comment thread where people beg for Viera is such a fun read, with one of them praising Fran in her stilettoed glory, “Fran's ears were gorgeous, and she never complained about all the desert sand she had to run through in those heels,” wrote Jac Atax.

Ruling the bunny girls out won’t do well for fans – we already got Yoshida talking about it after all. The developers just need to time how to get their High Heels on without destroying the game. Square Enix listens, and so does Yoshida.

More 'Final Fantasy XIV' bits

In other news, Yoshida has spoken about the issues blocking “Final Fantasy XIV” from releasing on Nintendo and Xbox One.

The problem seems to lie in handling support for such a big MMORPG.

"We need to make sure Nintendo and Microsoft understand what we do and have them know about our online and QA regulations," Yoshida told Finder. We believe these conversations will take a long time."

Nintendo, on the other hand, is notorious for taking its time to ensure that things are done according to its own standards, very rarely catering to the needs and demands of publishers when their needs and demands contradict Nintendo's standard procedures.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood” will be available come June 20. The expansion is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac.