Niantic previously announced that “Pokemon GO” will become a huge thing next month. The studio was basically referring the game’s first year anniversary, an event perfect for anything surprising. However, the month is almost here, but there is yet to be an announcement or something from the company.

The arrival of Raid Battles only fueled the excitement of “Pokemon GO” players, who continue to speculate about the massive event. So far, the studio announced “Pokemon GO Fest,” which will take place in Chicago’s Grant Park. While it is scheduled for July, the studio did not entirely connect the event to the game’s first birthday.

The details so far

Come July 6th, the hit augmented reality game will turn one-year-old. Of course, players would certainly expect something from Niantic. The community actually believe that the studio will soon hold a certain event for this celebration. Remember back in February? The developers during that time introduced an event specifically tailored for the arrival of Pokemon Day. Therefore, in one way or another, the anniversary should have its own. It just does not make sense if they do not.

According to Heavy, the most popular theory is the arrival of Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO.” Many believe that the company will hold an event where the special beasts will finally be introduced.

The studio already confirmed in the past that these pocket monsters should be expected this summer. More importantly, they iterated how it will arrive alongside a feature called Raid Battles. Well, the latter is already here, so the piece of the puzzle left is the legendaries.

Raid Battles and Legendaries

In “Pokemon GO” right now, raids offer a total of four tiers.

These tiers have raid bosses on them, and the level of difficulty they have relies on the tier level they are placed. So the higher the level is, the more difficult a boss is. Defeating these bosses rewards players with in-game items and/or bonuses. Now, there is speculation that a fifth tier will exist solely for the Legendary creatures.

This is actually a very interesting rumor, considering the possibilities.

If legendaries are really the raid bosses in the aforementioned “Pokemon GO” tier, the Niantic, on the day of the anniversary, will most likely have players fighting them. Also, it is the most plausible area in the game where they can be placed. One, they are just extremely powerful to introduce in gyms. Having them will only defeat the purpose of promoting balance and better gameplay. At least, in raids, they are deemed as bosses. Players will just simply work together to defeat them. More importantly, this will give them another reason to play the mobile game.