On May 26, Gun Media released the highly anticipated horror-survival game of the year, "Friday the 13th The Game." The title has been subject to several delays and fans were excited to get their hands on it as soon as the game becomes available on their favorite platforms. However, there have been numerous players, specifically Xbox One users, complaining about many issues including lack of day one patch, and bugs among others.

Missing patch

The Xbox One version of "Friday the 13th The Game" right now is flocked by criticisms. The version is so terrible that some players are calling it a beta build.

The horror-survival title on the Microsoft console has the worst graphics as compared to the version released for PlayStation and PC.

While moderators are quick to deny the claims, the recent issue is probably due to the lack of day one patch for the console. On its official website, co-creator Wes Keltner confirmed they are currently working on the missing patch and might release it on May 30. Meanwhile, on the game’s official Facebook page, the team confirmed that fixes for the console will most likely roll out in the middle of the week.

Bugs and server overload

Aside from the crappy graphics, several players are complaining about bugs and server overloading that restricts them from playing the game.

On the game's official website, the developer posted the FAQ to provide answers to an array of issues gamers are currently experiencing. According to the site, the bugs are caused by the overloaded servers. The team further explained that players count rose to 75,000 in a brief period of time, which crashed the servers. Moreover, because of the issue with the server, about ten percent of the total player accounts were corrupted.

The server overload issue also caused numerous player progress complaints. This includes some gamers who were not able to receive the codes for the downloadable content. Gun Media is hoping that things will become better when the servers become stable.

Meanwhile, the developer was also able to settle the issues with Kickstarter backers.

It can be recalled that the backers started to complain about not being able to receive the game codes first as promised to them by the developer during the crowdfunding phase of "Friday The 13th The Game." While the team is on their toes fixing the issues currently plaguing the game, their competitor, "Dead by Daylight" will release the game's console version on June 20 in Europe and North America.