In the days of social media and instant sharing, it’s hard to keep something a secret for long. "Overwatch" is evolving, with bits and pieces constantly being added, changed or removed. Most of these modifications happen under the hood, with players noticing only the slightest of discrepancies. On the other hand, Blizzard occasionally brings about more substantial rearrangements.

We’ve already seen the software house announcing harsher policies toward cheaters. Suddenly learning of an upcoming map or a brand-new hero wouldn’t shock us in the slightest.

According to Charlet Chung’s Twitter feed, something big will be happening soon. The actress playing D.Va uploaded a photo taken at what seems to be one of the Blizzard campuses. Posing next to the "Overwatch" logo and hugging a giant Pachimari plushy, Charlet mentioned a Friday reveal. No details were shared, though, about the actual content of this upcoming package.

What should 'Overwatch' fans expect?

When developing a game, the projects involving a real-life actress are somewhat limited. New skins and weapons for existing characters, for instance, are modeled with little external inputs.

Animations and highlight reels – instead - often make use of motion capture technologies. Voice lines and comments are also recorded directly from the original source.

The fact that Charlet Chung is personally hitting the studio should give us a few hints. It’s unlikely that Blizzard would call her in for a thematic skin. No matter how wealthy the company is, doing so would be a dramatic waste of resources.

No sound business strategy would allow that.

We only have a couple more options, all involving the popular Korean character. Either a new series of physical goods or a piece of un-lockable content could be in the making. Both ideas sound extremely interesting and have the potential to make us happy!

If the former were to be the case, toys and accessories may soon find a place in the "Overwatch" store.

As far as the latter is concerned, a new character model, new animations, highlights, and even poses are all plausible picks. The summer season is closing in fast and Blizzard will probably want to take advantage of that!

There’s no way for us – nor you – to know for sure before Friday comes. Charlet said little else since her last tweet and Blizzard is already riding the hype wave. For now, this marketing campaign hits exactly what it's aiming at. Let’s wait and see how the whole ordeal plays out!