The highly anticipated PvE action game “Dauntless” released another trailer that reveals more information about its other elements. Previously, fans have witnessed the combat aspect of the game. This time, the team gave the gamers a treat by showing off some of the title’s other features, which includes the hub city armor sets. Aside from that, a behemoth monster was also introduced.

Latest trailer

More action and more information are revealed in the most recent trailer of the much anticipated PvE game “Dauntless.” The hub city at Ramsgate was shown as well as a crafter.

Skraev, a behemoth snow owlbear was also introduced. The monster looks like Shrike but has a different set of attacks and moves. It was shown how the team assaults Skraev but his icy abilities appear to be hindering them to launch their attacks. Rather than fighting the owlbear, they fought against the fire monster Embermane and successfully defeated it.

Crafting was also highlighted in the trailer. This was seen when the loot the team acquired after defeating the fire monster was utilized to form a new and blazing kind of armor. The armor was then used to take control over Skraev, which became successful because of the fire equipment they made out of the loot from Embermane. In other words, players can expect that defeating a behemoth in the game rewards them with the ability to make the kind of weapon or equipment that they prefer.

In addition, these weapons can also be customized or modified based on their own preference.

Other details

Although the trailer was very informative as to the gameplay aspect of the title, it still left out the details. Aside from the new behemoth and the crafting capabilities, the most recent footage also reveals several weapons or armor sets.

There are several reports that “Dauntless” will introduce Gnasher and Strike weapons and armors.

Aside from those, another Weapon class was featured; the Chain Blades, which falls as the fourth class. This weapon is a combination of short range combos and longer range poke assaults. It’s a refreshing type as compared to other weapons in the game.

Meanwhile, “Dauntless” is currently receiving sign-ups for its closed alpha version. We will keep you updated with more information about your favorite game as soon as official details become available. For the meantime, you can check out the latest trailer below and enjoy a glimpse of what the game will offer upon its release.