One of the highly anticipated announcements at the upcoming E3 2017 event is about the details of “Call Of Duty: WWII.” In our previous articles, we reported about leaks and speculations surrounding the shooter game. While more extensive details will be revealed in the next few days, here is what we have compiled about the upcoming title.

Release date

Call of Duty: WWII” is scheduled to release on November 3, 2017. In the past, the game’s previous installments were all released in the eleventh month of the year.

Gameplay and campaign

The much-awaited game will center on the events involving the Second World War and the Western Front.

It will feature significant events like the Battle of the Bulge and the Normandy Landings. Players can play several characters including Rousseau, a female French resistance member, or as an African American soldier, or a British officer. However, the majority of the game will be seen and played through Ronald “Red” Daniels of the US Army’s 1st Infantry. In this game, the player will be helped out by an 11-man squad. Since health regeneration is removed, there will be medics in the field who will give health packs.


Call of Duty: WWII” will have Divisions. This latest system will enable the player to select a group to fight for. Each group will give a specific bonus for the player’s multiplayer character.

For instance, the Armoured group is those with the heaviest gears while Airborne centers on stealth and speed. Mountain team is strong on sharpshooters and Infantry are best all-rounders. Aside from those, there are also multiplayer avatars, which will not only stand for various divisions but also for the countries involved in the Second World War.

Divisions will also have the latest addition dubbed as the War mode. This mode is based on Attack and Defend objectives made in collaboration with Raven Software. There are also Headquarters, which is a common social space similar to Destiny’s Tower.

Zombie co-op mode

In this title, players will fight against Nazi zombies. Sledgehammer in their recent interview disclosed that the mode is inspired by true events.

Players were speculating that this could be a terrifying mode given the developer’s background in the gaming market. Sledgehammer’s top executives Schofield and Condrey used to work with “Dead Space.”


As of this writing, there is very scarce information about the game’s Beta. However, it is clear for now that users of PlayStation 4 will get their hands on the game earlier than anyone else. More information about “Call of Duty: WWII” are anticipated to be revealed at E3 2017.