A brand new trailer for "Escapists 2" officially landed on Wednesday morning and it brought a laundry list of features added to the sequel along with it. The big new addition to the newest title from Team17 appears to be the multiplayer mode. This will allow a friend, or just some random player on the web, to drop in, help out and then drop out during the middle of a game.

The other big feature being offered up in the newest "Escapists 2" trailer is the ability to really change up the look and feel of the con you want to play as. This is a welcome addition considering the number of people who could technically drop in, as you'll have a better chance of being able to tell the inmates apart.

'Escapists 2' features four player co-op

Team17 has worked hard to make this a game that feels different than the original "Escapists" in order to give players of that game, and the spinoffs such as "The Walking Dead" to really feel like their purchase of this game offers something different.

The multiplayer mode isn't your run of the mill two player co-op but will instead allow for the option of having four players in the same prison at the same time. Because it's drop in and drop out, you can recruit your friend to help you escape an especially difficult lock up and then they can go ahead and take off when they need to. This doesn't become a several hour dedication to "Escapists 2" is the players can't give away that kind of time.

'Much more of an undertaking'

Team17 spoke to GameReactor late last month about the effort that was being put into "Escapists 2" and made it clear they've worked harder on this title than the original. Kevin Carthew said in his interview the game was "much more of an undertaking than the previous game." Carthew added the title has tons of single player content to go along with the new focus on multiplayer.

In addition to co-op, there will also be a versus mode added to the title. Not only will this be a race against an opponent to see who is going to break out of prison first, but the two players can also square off against one another in combat. This means if you think your enemy is on the verge of getting out, you can go over and smack him around a bit.

While the brand new trailer details all kinds of new features, Team17 has made it clear they will be attending E3. Might we find out some new information next week? While "Escapists 2" doesn't have an official release date, we do know it should be out later this year for the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.