Despite its sequel hovering just around the corner, “Destiny” continuously keeps its fans online and playing its various game modes. Their ongoing enthusiasm with sci-fi shooter could be attributed to possibly getting more practice to prepare for the next installment. Others suspect that players continue to log several hours in-game to acquire all trophies for game completion.

Likewise, it seems that even high-profile personalities are still active and playing the original game until now. According to reports, wrestling fans in St. Louis, MO, were graced with the WWEMoney in the Bank 2017” event that offered all the thrills wrestling fans expect.

However, a well-known wrestler opted to skip the show and take on a raid instead.

The Bulgarian Brute

Sources confirmed that Rusev, a former powerlifter, was absent during the pay-per-view wrestling event. Apparently, the WWE personality was reportedly playing “Destiny” and tackling a raid event. Fans are aware that the wrestler has not participated recently due to his recovery from a shoulder surgery. It has been noted that he continued to make small appearances on TV but he continues to communicate with fans through his Twitter posts.

The wrestler’s wife Lana was supposedly scheduled to fight in an undercard match against Naomi. The two were set to compete for the Smackdown Live women’s championship title.

Surprisingly, Rusev decided not to attend and just tweeted his support for his spouse, which was later followed by another post talking about the team-based shooter’s raid difficulty.

Raiding wrestlers

It seems that a few other wrestling personalities are also avid gamers in their spare time.

WWE superstar Xavier Woods hosts a web series called “UpUpDownDown” that showcases different video games. Rusev has evidently been featured a couple of time on the show and been given several nicknames throughout the series. It was suspected that his recovery period allowed him to pursue his passion for gaming.

Now that he is all healed up, the grappler is expected to make his return to television.

It seems that he won’t have enough time to focus on the sequel when it comes out this September as well. Meanwhile, another famous wrestler was recently featured at Bungie’s E3 2017 panel. The Big Show was present during the game expo to promote “Destiny 2”.

The shooter’s sequel

Destiny” is definitely on its way out as the developer confirmed that none of the in-game loot from the original will make its way to “Destiny 2”. A beta period for the sequel is scheduled next month and is expected to draw veteran players and maybe a few WWE stars to experience the next installment before its launch later this year. The follow-up title features bigger maps, new weapons, new gear, more single-player activities, and a new raid.