Destiny 2” continues to be one of the most anticipated games scheduled to release this year. Bungie has already confirmed the official release date for the team-based shooter, which is still a substantial wait for veterans who are eager to explore what the sci-fi FPS has to offer. However, the developer hopes to at least make the wait a little bearable with a beta access set for July. Gamers who were not able to attend the official gameplay reveal last May and the recent E3 2017 game show will at least be able to experience an early form of the game.

Meanwhile, recent new have confirmed that the pre-load date for the PS4 version has been revealed through the official website.

“Destiny 2” September pre-load schedule revealed

According to the shooter’s official web page, it will automatically be available as an automatic download on September 3, 2017, for those who pre-ordered. Users point out that a toggle has been added to the website that reveals the supposed release date, which is surprisingly earlier than the established launch date. Several gamers presume that the revealed information is actually the pre-load date for those who pre-ordered the digital copy of the sci-fi co-op FPS. Pre-loading the game permits users to completely download the complete version of the game ahead of time, but access will be restricted until the release date arrives.

This actually ensures that players do not encounter server issues brought about by the multitude of users downloading the game by bulk come launch day.

“Destiny 2” Xbox One and PC version pre-load schedule

Unfortunately, the game’s website does not indicate any potential pre-load date for the Xbox One and PC copies of the game.

Sources expect Microsoft to get in touch with Bungie soon to talk about the details. Industry analysts note that pre-loading the game is one of the advantages of pre-ordering the game digitally. Developers can also use the data to determine the amount of interest their game has generated across all platforms prior to its launch.

Critics have already projected that the sequel has already drawn a lot of interest from gamers spread across the three major platforms. The publisher appears to have learned their lesson from their past content release experiences. While some of their past launches were notably hassle-free, the “Rise of Iron” DLC release was reportedly anything but favorable.

David Allen explains the lack of new classes in “Destiny 2”

While it is exciting to finally learn about the shooter’s pre-load date, some veterans are apparently still hoping for some last-minute content changes. While new players and PC gamers will definitely encounter a lot of new stuff come launch day, long-time fans have criticized the lack of new classes.

However, David Allen, the game’s executive producer, has shared information about Bungie’s decision to keep the same three classes. The developers explained that they did not want long-time fans to lose something that they “have a deep connection to.” The sci-fi FPS is scheduled to hit retailers on Sept. 6, 2017, for the PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version follows on Oct. 24, 2017.