The highly anticipated online-only multiplayer shooter "Destiny 2" features many changes that distinguish it from the current installment of Bungie. Among the biggest changes that the upcoming game will introduce is how it will deal with its stat systems. It is worth noting that in the first installment, Dexterity, Discipline, and Strength influenced how various types of abilities recharge. Moreover, the Light score affected the overall defense as well as the damage incurred by the player. However, with the next game, these will no longer be necessary.

New stat systems

In a video uploaded by YouTuber Arekkz he shares that in "Destiny 2," armor adds to the player's defense, recovery stats, and agility. In the previous game, these three affected the amount of damage a player could take before dying. In addition, these were previously connected to the ability tree. In the upcoming title, it appears that these stats will be totally linked to the player's gear. However, there is no official detail about this information available yet.

As a result, character building would center on recovery, agility, and buffing armor instead of getting the player's cooldown lower. For hardcore players and raiders, these changes are going to make a whole lot of difference in the gaming world.

In the event that the recent information is accurate, the player would be able to make more informed choices to customize characters instead of collecting talents that lessen cooldown.

New exotics

Apart from that, the video also reveals a piece of exotic armor. Previous reports claimed that there are 14 of these armors in "Destiny 2." Bungie has not yet revealed any information about these exotics or even about the weapon in the game.

However, in the game's latest promotional materials revealed during the gameplay reveal, it appears that the last three weapons shown were exotics. Among the exotic weapons revealed there are included a polished Hunter helmet, Warlock chest, and Titan Gauntlets with massive horns on the shoulder.

In the video, there was also a mention of how to find the Exotics in "Destiny 2." However, with very limited information coming from its developer, it is purely speculative for now.

Meanwhile, the upcoming online-only multiplayer first-person shooter game will be released on September 8, 2017. We will keep you posted about your favorite game as soon as information becomes available. Below is the YouTube video uploaded by Arekkz, enjoy.