Developers of "dark souls" series From Software is recently making headlines after reports about a possible restart of the highly successful game leaked. The big announcement is set to take place at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 happening this June 14 to 16 at Los Angeles Convention Center.

Speculations about "Dark Souls 4" lit up when the developers teased some new projects into an interview with 4Gamers, revealing that they have been working on some ambitious new titles. Moreover, the Japanese site also obtained information regarding their plan to gather new game inputs to expand its current list of IPs with an all-new game.

The fourth could be a prequel

Speaking of the restart, some reports suggest that the upcoming "Dark Souls 4" will run the Prequel story of the series as the end has already been revealed in "Dark Souls 3." However, it is good to note that From Software has neither issued a confirmation nor denied this speculation leaving it with many possibilities.

Other potential proof

Moreover, another Japanese site called Kana was able to unearth a job listing suggesting that Form Software is looking for a motion designer to take charge of a "gloomy RPG." The said motion designer will be responsible for animating characters for the still unannounced dark role-playing game. Although the developer's name is not stated in the job listing, several elements point back to the developers.

For example, the job posting describes the studio as one with abundant experience in developing high profile video games. Another interesting detail reveals that this developers' location is close to Sasuke station in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This address is the exact location of From Software.

New gameplay

Again, nothing has been cleared yet regarding "Dark Souls 4," but Trusted Reviews has already made up a list of things they would love to see in case the said game sequel happens.

Surprisingly, the list does not clamor for a change in gameplay. It said that amid the "ludicrously challenging difficulty" of the gaming engagement it provides, has been strategically laid out with surprise combats and obstacles throughout the virtual exploration.

Therefore, the review added that the presumptive 'Dark Souls 4' is unlikely to put in Major changes to the game's formula.

This is because what it already does has been working perfectly for everyone. As per their conclusion, fans are most likely more than willing to eat up whatever From Software will is throw at them.

Moreover, the developer is reportedly planning to address all the speculations when it takes center stage at E3 2017.