DICE recently rolled out a patch to the Community Test Environment (CTE) of “Battlefield 1.” This update brought in numerous changes to the game, which includes improvements on operations, vehicles, and maps to name a few. Moreover, fully repaired vehicles will now have parts fully restored and functional. Aside from those, victims of melee takedowns are now locked down prior to the start of the animation. Here are the other changes that have been rolled out in the game with the most recent patch.

Game mode changes

With the latest “Battlefield 1” patch on CTE, several fixes were also implemented in the game mode.

Among them includes fixing the issue of wrong rewarding of Conquest control bonus points. It also resolved the issue of operation state which reverted to waiting when the player count got below 75 percent of the required pre-round for Operations.

Weapons, combats, vehicles

Apart from those, a player, who is a melee victim can no longer deal damage. The Selbstlader 1906 Sniper scope now has added blur when aiming. In addition, the exploit allowing AT Mines to be placed in vehicles is now fixed. The latest patch also speeds up grenade supply in the Ammo pouch when the player stands near it. The Chauchat rear iron sight’s low-resolution texture is now fixed. The aiming controller settings for the Benet-Mercie Optical using 1.5 x zoom is now corrected.

From iron sight settings, it now uses optical settings similar to other zoom levels.

As for the vehicles in “Battlefield 1,” all parts of planes and tanks are now automatically fixed when the vehicle reaches full health. This will, prevent the previous confusion of having a healthy vehicle with damaged parts. Furthermore, the issue about self-repair activation when the player gets into the driver seat after abandoning it in the mid-repair cycle is now resolved.

There are also changes in the game’s maps. This includes improvements in the Amiens and Argonne Forest. This map now has extended collision to repair glitches that enable players to get on the topmost part of buildings. With the Verdun map, several out-of-bounds Operations spawns are now fixed. In addition, the combat and capture areas for the flag is now adjusted to enhance balance.

Also, there is now a higher possibility for more variety in the map’s weather. Both teams for Conquest now has adjusted HQ spans.

DICE also rolled out several bug fixes and user interface improvements. We will give you more updates about your favorite game, “Battlefield 1” as soon as we get more information. For more gaming news and updates, check out Blasting News.