"World Of Warcraft" Tomb of Sargeras raid is nearing and a massive amount of details has been revealed recently. Blizzard has not yet announced the official release date of the raid. However, the developer showed the latest preview of the bosses that players will face in the upcoming raid. According to the developer, the upcoming raid intends to mirror the grand perception that hovers the Broken Shore yet at the same time maintain the diversity that makes the various raids in the game more fun.

The upcoming assault

The upcoming raid in the "World of Warcraft" will come in Raid Finder, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic levels of difficulties.

Blizzard over the past weeks has made the game available for testing as well as to gear up for its imminent coming. Players at the final part of the raid will face Kil’jaeden as their ultimate opponent. At present, he is the reigning leader of the Burning Legion. It is worth noting that this raid and the way players fare with it will reflect in the entire world of the game and will also tell how the story will move forward.

Raid bosses

Among the bosses that gamers will encounter in the next assault includes Goroth. A deadly opponent whose flesh is warped with scorching wounds. This monstrous creature's movement sends his flesh to sizzle and produces a hissing sound with eternal torture. He got this affliction as a part of his punishment for his previous failures.

Another opponent is Demonic Inquisition. In this part players will face Kil’jaeden's best captors namely Belac and Atrigan. These two are tasked to imprison intruders and restrict them from advancing deeper into the dungeon by deterring them from using the Pillars.

Another boss awaiting the players in the next assault isHarjatan.

He is viewed as god of cave dwelling murlocs whom he has assembled as his followers. This monstrosity was born to destroy his enemies. With his following, he can command whatever he wishes and the multitude of zealous followers will do their task. Mistress Sassz'ine is another deadly boss that players will face. Her power lies in her ability to call on nightmares from the depths of the sea to destroy her enemies.

She holds the denizens of the ocean under her dark spell.

The Sisters of the Moon are guardians of the temple ages before the icon of Sargeras was buried below it. Their madness devoured them and those who attempts to get into their holy chambers faces the penalty of death. Aside from the sisters, players will also face The Desolate Host. These monstrosities were created by the Engine of Souls that exhumated the spirit of the dead. As tortured spirits, these abominations feeds on anyone who gets into the depths of the tomb.

The Maiden of Vigilance is tasked by Aegwynn to protect the tomb, and she was there standing watch over hundreds of years. As a result of Sargeras' energy, she is transformed into evil and now kill anything or anyone that cross her path. The Fallen Avatar on the other hand, is the avatar of Sargeras that Kil’jaeden would restore to life to release havoc on Azeroth. Finally, the top boss at the ultimate part of the raid, Kil’jaeden.