Rockstar has just announced a brand new promotion for its highly popular open world online multiplayer video game, "Grand Theft Auto Online." The promo will be offering large discounts for a variety of vehicles, offices, and other items. Additionally, bonus GTA money will be given away to all players who complete specific tasks and missions. The limited-time discounts and bonuses will be held starting this week until June 12, which means that there should be more than enough time to acquire as much in-game currency as possible until the promo ends.

Earning double

The new promotion will include different ways to earn extra cash, which will include utilizing all eight Import/Export Special Vehicles. Players will be earning double when they take on Special Vehicle Missions during the promo period. This will including driving like a mad man using the Ramp Buggy or raiding different locations using the Ruiner 2000.

Businesses and special races

Additionally, those who want to earn their cash through "legitimate" means can do so with their current businesses. Special Cargo Delivery and Biker Sales businesses will be earning 25 percent more cash until June 12. Rockstar has also announced that they will be replacing the "Steeplechase" Premium Race with the "Ascent" race on June 1.

The race will be locked to those who own a Rocket Voltic vehicle. The current Time Trial mission, "Del Perro Pier," will also be replaced with "Observatory" during the same date. Those who will be taking part in the new races will be given triple RPs, but the top three players will be getting a more "sizable" payout.

Big discounts all around

Players who already have the cash to spend can take advantage of the big sale that will be offered during the promo period. "Big ticket items" from Warstock, DockTease, Dynasty 8 Executive, Elitas, and Ammu-Nation will be offered with 25 percent discounts. This includes items such as Executive Offices, Luxury Yachts, Yacht modifications, Luxury Jets, Special Body Armor, and Special Vehicles like the Brute Armored Boxville, HVY Insurgent Pick-Up, and the Rhino Tank.

Players should also be looking forward to next "Grand Theft Auto Online" update called the "Gunrunning" update, which will arrive next month. The update is revealed to be a "massive" one that will include new weapons, upgrades, vehicles, and missions. Rockstar hasn't revealed any details yet regarding the new update, but it will involve the illegal weapons trafficking industry.