"Pokemon Go" remains one of the top mobile games for both Android and iOS though its roster of pocket monsters are taking a hit. One of the early critters is the “Magikarp” which has now taken its place at the end of the line.

"Magikarp" did get its moment to shine recently. It was in the limelight where the water-type Pokemon was categorized as a rare find. Other than that, “Pokemon Go” gamers who got the chance to snag him would be able to evolve it into the “Shiny Gyarados.” Some may have gotten it but somehow it lacked the spunk to make a splash.

"Magikarp" tries hand with hops

After that moment of fame, it has all been back to normal for the “Magikarp.” It spawns at its regular rate though most are more interested in the new critters brought in by the Johto region. With over 80 pocket monsters to catch, the water-type Pokemon only draw attention when folks go for the daily catch bonus.

With a bleak outlook, “Magikarp” may be best trying to make a name for itself with its own game. It is a high-risk move though it is better than being left idle.

An Android and iOS version of the game is out and most are getting hooked to it. It carries some of the features that the 90s digital pet game had, “Tamagotchi.” Players get the chance to modify their fish but need to feed and train him as well to jump higher and get through the levels.

Starting up for the jump

A player starts off be picking one of the three rods to reel in a “ “Magikarp.” Similar to “Pokemon Go, the captured pocket monster will come with a random stat and pattern. From that point on, it will be up to the player to do the necessary to evolve the critter.

That would include feeding him and training him.

The training part would include having it jump repeatedly or facing a rock monster. The gains the “Magikarp” will get varies with a limit per session enforced.

Once the critter has been fattened up, it is time to see how your labor turns out. Entering him into the Magikarp League will be next, a contest to see which fish can jump higher and catch the most air.

The one with the highest jump wins.

End of life at Level 20

When players reach level 20, their “Magikarp” will be up for retirement. But the game does not end there. Whatever traits the Pokemon has garnered will be passed on to descendants, more powerful and stronger than the previous generation.

The game offers no frills but has surprisingly gotten most hooked. It is free to download which is another positive for the ambitious spin-off.