Capcom has just announced that they will be releasing their latest "Monster Hunter" video game title for Nintendo's recently released next generation console, the Nintendo Switch.

The publisher revealed that "Monster Hunter Xx," which is the latest installment in the hit action role-playing video game franchise, will be ported to the console and released to Western markets.

Bringing the franchise worldwide

The latest game in the popular series was originally released in Japan back in March. North American and European markets may not be that familiar with the franchise, but the series is actually a huge hit in Japan and in other Asian markets.

The original "Monster Hunter" game was released for the PlayStation 2 back in 2004, but the franchise really received its recognition from players outside its home country with the release of "Monster Hunter Freedom" for the PlayStation Portable.

The perfect platform

Nintendo and Capcom had always had a great partnership when it came to the particular video game franchise. Capcom even chose Nintendo's 3DS system over Sony's PS Vita when it released "Monster Hunter 4" and its succeeding titles. One of the biggest attractions of the hunting video game is its co-op multiplayer feature that allows numerous players to go on hunts together. This is the main reason why the title took off in the first place when it came out on the PlayStation Portable.

The Nintendo Switch will be the perfect platform to take advantage of this feature seeing as that it can operate as both a portable gaming system and a big-screen console. Sensitive analog sticks, which is a requirement in the precision movement-based game, is also present in the Nintendo Switch along with its relatively powerful hardware that should be more than sufficient to render the game's amazing environments.

The full package

"Monster Hunter XX," pronounced as "Double Cross," will essentially be an enhanced version of the original "Monster Hunter Generations" title that was released in the US in 2015. Similar to previous games, players will still be able to take on quests to hunt different monsters in different locations.

However, the enhanced game will have additional features such as new attacks, combat moves, and the ability to play as Felynes. Additionally, Capcom has announced that they will be releasing several downloadable contents (DLCs) based on other games for this particular title after it is released.