Looks like Rockstar Games has finally answered prayers of "GTA 5" players who have been restlessly waiting to pursue another career path rather than just sticking to the way of life of a biker or CEO.

Next big update for 'GTA 5'

The game publisher has announced the next big update for "GTA 5 Online" multiplayer mode. Dubbed as "Gunrunning," the next update is a major expansion for "Gta Online," which is slated to roll out next month. The team behind the upcoming update did not divulge a lot of details in terms of specifics. However, if the said update's title is anything to go by, it is likely to revolve around Weapons Trafficking industry.

It builds on previously rolled out Bikers and Executives & Other Criminals updates, with emphasis on criminal activity.

The 'Gunrunner' update detailed

Slated to arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in June, the update centers on Southern San Andreas-based illegal weapons trafficking business, which has been teased earlier during the story line of "GTA 5" campaign but had been kept under wraps in the online version of the game. With this, the studio is keeping the promise it made back in March that hinted at the huge spring "GTA Online" update. According to a blog post on the game developer's official website, an array of new opportunities are arising in a malignant network buried underground, all set to be taken over by the CEOs, VIPs, and Biker head honchos of Blaine County and Los Santos.

Players will be able to acquire "hatches" in Blaine County. Moreover, there are secret properties that they can get their hands on in order to store weapons manufacturing equipment and military-grade vehicles. Players can make a fast buck simply by participating in the buying and selling of weapons.

More shreds of information regarding Gunrunning's vehicles, new weapons, upgrades and lots more will be unveiled sooner rather than later.

APC (an amphibious vehicle) is one of the new automobiles, while Tampa (a two-door muscle car), on the other hand, gets a weapon-based upgrade.

Rockstar gave zealous fans a brief glimpse of the imminent weapon-equipped Tampa and all-terrain APC vehicles in the form of images. Plus, the developer is expected to throw more light on the highly strategic, full-service Mobile Operation Centers covering latest weapon upgrades, and deep customization just to name a few, but that's not all.

Rockstar will also provide more details regarding research opportunities and specific business.

In other news, more than a whopping 80 million copies of "GTA V" has been shipped until now. Watch this space for more "Gunrunning" update related news and details.