Nintendo is totally back in business. After years of struggle against the gaming world's current giants, Sony and Microsoft, the Japanese company, is finally gaining ground. The release of the Hybrid Switch console and its official launch game, "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" has vaulted them into the top of the ranks, and for the first time in seven years, the company's market share price is on a high after tallying record-breaking sales.

Estimates from the Guardian reveal that Nintendo's share price is up 102 percent after the Switch's release.

But according to a new statistic, the company is again experiencing a massive surge thanks to a newly announced game from Capcom.

Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross

The Japanese game developer earlier stated that it would be bringing Monster Hunter XX: Double Cross to the hybrid Switch console. A game that has a massive following after it became the go to coop game for Sony PSP and Nintendo 3DS owners. Surely it would be enough to stir the company's value but, surprisingly it did more than that. Analyst Serkan Toto pointed out the unprecedented numbers this morning, and it proves Nintendo is gaining its ground:

Nintendo ended trading +5.48%, 2.2 billion worth in market value in just one day.

Apparently, Monster Hunter and the Switch are perfect matches. The game has had extreme success in Asia, most especially in Japan where its influence is comparable to successful game franchises like Pokemon, Final Fantasy, and Dragon Quest.

Massive game franchise

The new numbers suggest that investors are wary of the people's demands, and are keen on capitalizing on the gaming world's newest console.

It is incredible to think that fans of the game have put between 100 to 1000 hours into the monster hunting franchise. Amazingly, Nintendo's announcement puts the game on the big screen, with players being able to play online, a thing that was absent on the PSP and 3DS systems.

Currently, Nintendo sits on a comfortable throne as it continues to surge past the PS4 and the Xbox One regarding popularity.

With new game releases and the additional of Monster Hunter XX, the company is finally getting back to its winning ways, a thing that was absent during the days of the Wii U.

Capcom would likely follow up with more details on the following days. For the meantime, Monster Hunter's arrival in the Nintendo Switch is enough to satisfy every gamer's needs. Imagine a group of friends taking on a quest to vanquish a behemoth, that's just perfect don't you think?