The numbers are out, Nintendo is finally getting its grip on the gaming console wars dominated by Sony and Microsoft Corp. The Japanese video game company is so far the breakaway winner for 2017 thanks to the hybrid Switch Console. The game system has now vaulted the troubled company's share price to its highest spot in seven years.

The company's success might have been because of its newest game system, a hybrid unit that combines the power of a traditional console and the portability of a handheld gaming device.

On the rise

Nintendo's share price is up 102 percent since the Switch's release, the first time since the Wii hit the market more than a decade ago.

Currently, the company's share price has risen to $284.43, a value that's beyond the short-lived investor craze brought by the Pokemon Go fad last year.

During that period, Nintendo's shares rose about 119 percent but stumbled after investors realized that Pokemon Go is not the brainchild of the Japanese company and its affiliate, The Pokemon Company. Instead, the hit game was developed and published by Niantic in collaboration with the Mario makers.

Nintendo only had a small investment in Niantic. Moreover, the company pointed out that it was not making direct sales from Pokemon Go. Luckily the demise of the Wii U might have prompted the company to think outside the box and create one of the most successful game consoles in the history of gaming.

Nintendo's last sales growth was back in 2009

Thanks to the Switch's success, the company is now able to compete with Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. Last month Nintendo expected its new console to end an eight-year decline that had put them in much trouble. In the midst of the Wii U's failure, the company struggled to get a grip on the competitive gaming market until this year's resurgence.

The number of sold units clearly of the Switch show that the firm is back on track.

According to estimates, Nintendo has sold 2,740,000 million units in its first month. The company was also able to ship out 2,760,000 million copies of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the console's flagship launch title. The company's president, Tatsumi Kimishima even said that if the console hits 10 million sold units, it could potentially head towards the global success of the Wii. It is one of the best-selling game consoles of all time, selling 20 million in its first year and more than 100 million units during its lifetime.