Take-Two Interactive tries to prove that its recent revelation of 80 million units shipped was no fluke with more content coming for “Grand Theft Auto Online.” The new “Gunrunner” update is expected to come out in June, bringing new military grade artillery and vehicles for GTA Online players to enjoy.

Images of the upcoming “GunrunnerDLC have popped out, looking a lot like an offshoot from the “Executives and Other Criminals” and “Bikers” update. From the photos alone, more mayhem is expected for the next GTA Online add-on, a delight for avid multiplayer online gamers.

Guns and chaotic rides

Weaponized military-grade vehicles and weapons manufacturing equipment headline the added content for “Grand Theft Auto Online, highlighted by a new amphibious vehicle known as the APC. Even if Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive did not get into detail, the photos alone hints at possible twists for the action-packed video game.

The latest content douses water on a previous claim that GTA Online would come to the point of being “rested.” With the continuous release of new content and features, those words from Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick seem to indicate a move towards a different direction.

Buying time for another GTA installment

With the impressive GTA add-on, most may be under the impression that Rockstar and Take-Two are keeping players occupied with the added content.

“Grand Theft Auto 5” continues to hold the fort with no word yet on a “GTA 6.”

Regardless, the ploy seems to be working with the game developers focusing on “Red Dead Redemption 2.” The sequel has already been pushed to 2018, so the next best thing right now may be to ramp up the excitement for other IPs such as “GTA Online.”

Shifting from single to multiplayer gameplay

With the continued release of new DLCs for current “Grand Theft Auto” games, it begs to ask if players would veer away from the single player mode and join the action of a chaotic online gaming community.

There are plenty of features to go by, not to mention new missions suggested by the insertion of these advanced military-grade assets.

Add these new twists to the fray and gamers should spend more time getting these new assets, not to mention being busy trying to figure out how to reign on “GTA Online.”

The Gunrunner update is set to come out in a couple of weeks; versions made for leading game consoles such as the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One. Stay tuned for added updates in the coming weeks before the actual DLC officially comes out in the open.