Square Enix has still yet to provide a release date for “Kingdom Hearts 3,” but if you’re one of the few holding out hope that the game would launch this year, here’s some heartbreaking news: you might have to wait until 2018.

No ‘KH3’ in 2017

An investors document, which was spotted by NeoGAF users, shows “KH3” and “Final Fantasy 7 Remake” listed under a vague“FY2018 and beyond” bracket. Some of Square Enix’s biggest upcoming games have been given a release window, with “Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age” and “Dragon Quest 11” both on track for release later this year.

The upcoming Marvel games also don’t have a release window, which comes rather surprising considering the partnership was confirmed earlier this year.

Although Square Enix has not made a formal announcement yet, it’s likely fans won’t see “KH3” before 2018.

Square Enix: things aren’t always what they seem

It wasn’t ever confident that “Kingdom Hearts 3” was going to happen until 2013 when Square Enix officially confirmed it’s slated for release. Details of the game have been dropped in tiny bits and pieces – a teaser trailer was shown at E3 2014 followed by a gameplay trailer at E3 2015 – and that’s about it. All the rest are mostly hearsays in between until JumpFesta 2016 revealed another trailer (the game’s most recent).

Square Enix previously hinted a 2017 release so naturally, fans set their sights on E3 2017, which starts June 14 and ends on June 16. Others, on the other hand, placed their bets at the Tokyo Game Show in the fall. It turns out that a 2018 release seems more realistic.

This news brings us back to Tetsuya Nomura’s January interview with Famitsu, in which he apologizes for the game’s delay.

He also mentioned “FF7 Remake” in this interview where he’s also the director. “I apologize that the wait will be a bit longer for ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ and ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake,’” Nomura said. “I am very sorry, but to that degree, I will make a game that will meet your expectations.”

Square Enix’s information lockdown isn’t exactly surprising; in fact, the industry sees it a status quo that even investors don’t hear everything from publishers.

That said, it’s possible the publisher is deliberately vague to not spoil the fun of it all and to keep the hype up.

Square Enix is set to announce its total earnings for last year’s calendar year on May 11. Hopefully, it’ll clear things up for “Kingdom Hearts 3” fans (and investors) by then.