Ubisoft has just released four new video trailers for the upcoming fifth main installment in the popular "Far Cry" first person shooter video game franchise. All of the trailers are quite similar in how they present the upcoming game's open environments. However, the most important take away from the trailers is the game's setting, which will be in a Fictional County in Montana U.S.A. called Hope County.

Short and sweet teasers

The trailers for "Far Cry 5" are all just 30 to 40 seconds long. The videos start out by showing a particular scenery, such as a river or an open field.

A few seconds later, the video then takes a disturbing turn by showing some form of violence taking place within the particular scene. All of the videos were released simultaneously on YouTube.

The first trailer that was released featured a serene river, but a few second later a dead body is seen floating in it. The second video shows a clear open field, which is followed by a man running through it, who is later shot in the back. The third video shows a church in the middle of a prairie ringing its bells. It is later revealed a few seconds in that the bell is actually ringing because a man's head is being bashed into it. The last video shows a lush forest, which is then followed by a screaming sound within it that scares the birds away.

The setting

All of the videos end with a text overlay that says, "Welcome to Hope County, Montana." Unlike the previous games that were set in different locations outside of the United States, "Far Cry 5" will be the first in the franchise to be set within the country. The American setting will be an interesting one to see as Ubisoft may have inserted a number of astute political elements into the game that reflects the current state of the nation.

Having a setting that is closer to home may also play in favor for the developer, seeing as that the franchise does have a strong following here in the United States.

Possible release date

Ubisoft previously announced that "Far Cry 5" will be coming out before the end of its current fiscal year. The company's fiscal year officially ends on March 31, 2018, which means that the game could be coming out either during the holidays or in early 2018.

The recently released trailers also reveal that the game will have a "worldwide reveal" this week, on May 26. The unveiling may include details about the game's new characters and possibly a few gameplay trailers as well.