Since the game was released in 2012, clash of clans has been very popular both for Android and iOS users. The game was developed by Supercell and has kept it fresh with the release of the “Clan Wars” update three years ago. On May 22, the company released its latest update called “The Builder Base,” the biggest in its history.

Builder Base features

Players of “Clash of Clans” will have an all-new world to explore with this new update. To get to the new base, the players’ should at least have Town Hall 4 before they can set sail to the new location, which is on the other side of the ocean.

The new world will feature a number of new buildings such as the Gem Mine, Clock Tower, Push Trap and Crusher. The troops were also given new abilities like the Sneaky Archer and Boxer Giant.

The new base will use its own resources and are not transferable to the players’ home villages, except for the gems, which can be used for both bases.

The latest update brings a new battle mode called Versus Battle. In this mode, players can battle other each other in a head-to-head attacking competition. Both players attack the other player’s village at the same time and the best attack will win the battle. The same rules will apply; one star for 50 percent destruction and three stars for 100 percent.

New gameplay mechanics

In the Builder Base, the players’ bases can’t be attacked if the player is offline. The troops are trained automatically and in groups while walls come in sections.

Players will have to rely on their troops’ special abilities as magic is not available in the new world, which means wizards won’t make an appearance.

Some players are frustrated with the new 'Clash of Clans' update

There have been reports that some players are frustrated with the new update, calling it “broken,” “disappointing” and a “money grab.” Some players are also threatening to quit the game rather than build a second village.

The most notable complaint by players is the three attack limit per day.

Players need to attack other villages to earn gold and elixir in the new Builder Base. However, after the three battles, players need to spend almost $2 if they want to continue attacking for the day or wait 22 hours to start attacking again.

A twitter user named ROJO shares is frustration and said he wasn’t about to spend more money on the game.

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